About Me

  • Pediatrician specializing in working with children with developmental disabilities
  • Masters of Public Health in Community Health Sciences
  • 5+ years working as an advocate with the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Committed San Carlos parent and community volunteer


My Priorities

  • Continue the Healthcare District’s support of school health and wellness programs
  • Increase support of community clinics that provide care to low income residents.
  • Expand efforts to provide mental health services for children and adolescents.
  • Strengthen programs targeting older adults in our communities.



I'm excited to announce my candidacy for the Board of Directors of the Sequoia Healthcare District!  For those just hearing about the District, it is a publicly funded entity that directs its efforts at improving the health and wellness of the individuals and communities of central and southern San Mateo County.  To learn more, check out the Districts website at www.sequoiahealthcaredistrict.com.

This is the first year the District is electing board members by zone.  I believe my academic background combined with my professional and service experience make me a great fit to be the first representative of our Zone C (parts of San Carlos and Redwood City).

In an era of so much uncertainty emanating from the national level on down, local efforts such as the Healthcare District are more important than ever.  The Healthcare District is the perfect example of local funding, under local control, focused on the health and wellness needs of local communities. 

As your representative on the Board, I'll work to strengthen the terrific work the District is already doing.  In addition, I will encourage strategic focus on three areas that I think are critical for our community:  child & adolescent mental heath, wellness promotion, and senior care.  Please check out the rest of my website to learn a bit more about me and my ideas.  I would love to have your support on this campaign and your vote in November.

In Community,

Aaron Nayfack

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Aaron Nayfack for Sequoia Healthcare District
Board of Directors 2018
FPPC #1407656

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